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"insanely brilliant. . ."

"A Matter of Conduct" is an insanely brilliant book with a narrative that feels like a true voice. The author takes on an incredibly complex subject and manages to reduce it to human terms. Business and legal books are the most difficult to write because itís hard to inject drama into complex narrative. But the author achieves this with wonderful pacing and intense personal details that bring the story to life. I had no idea who Dalton Yap was, but the book really gave me a sense of the man. The dialogue is also fantastic, a real strength of the storyline. All in all, really fantastic work.

Tony Wong (Toronto, ON)

* * * *

A National's Daring Struggle for Justice

Dalton Yap tells a rueful tale of dashed ambition, duplicity and the instinctive will to survive, at any cost. A Jamaican national with strong ties to his Chinese roots, Yap paints his own portrait - that of a driven man, almost obsessed with success at the workplace. [Read complete article]

The Gleaner - Jamaica

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Fiat justitia ruat caelum; "Let justice be done though the heavens fall"

This book is perfect for a Broadway adaptation. The injustice, wasted resources, injured lives and relationships, could have been avoided by providing Mr Yap due process, and he asked as much. The bank only had to ask what the higher court asked, "cui bono"?, or for whose benefit would Mr. Yap have done the alleged tort(s). Unlike Mr. Yap, who seems to have settled matters, the reader is left unsettled, perhaps purposely so, by deft writing. The reader is warned early on of the absent Mr. Obasare, the banks accountant, and a person who must have first hand knowledge of where the money is. The shifty Mr. Scott, the intemperate bank manager that fired Mr. Yap without cause, and disclaimed knowledge of matters in his own bank that no one could believe, the off shore players seeking to funnel money through jamaica in contravention of the rules, and Mr. Kenneth Palmer of the united states, successfully sued by the bank, for presumably the same cause of action held against Mr. Yap. You cannot forget the flirtatious Alarene Wong, who quickly denied any involvement on her part, and became Alarene Knight.

Readers in the US will not be surprised at court decisions that went against Mr yap, nor fellow employee colleagues who seemingly lied under oath or whose memories conveniently failed. Regretfully, most of us are used to that. The reader will at the end, breathe a sigh of relief that Dalton Yap won. The reader will hope that he exacted a seven figure settlement, and that his opponents get what's coming to them. Revenge is after all a dish best served cold.

Lastly, the reader will be happy that his honor, not lost, was redeemed. Will think as Mr yap said, about those unfortunate persons without his resources and tenacity who were harmed, unable to defend themselves, and thank god that his mother, who speaks more chinese than english, survived this horror.

The only way the bank could have made such a ridiculous attack had to have been an attempt to hide the true source of the money lost, and blame it on Mr Yap as a patsy. They picked on the wrong guy! Reading between the lines, I know what happened here....read this book, it is a great whodunit and a testament to the depravity some people will go to, to hide their crimes. Where is Mr. Obasare, and what does the current solicitor general Mr. Hylton know about that? Isn't there a duty to provide exonerating information?

Viva Dalton Yap. This should never have occurred, Hats off to you and well done delivering an ass whipping.

Peter Lawrence MD

* * * *

"compelling story. . ."

This was a most compelling story that kept me on my toes from the beginning to the very end.

The details of the book were brilliantly documented and superbly written that you could feel the emotions of all 250 pages of excellent writing. Even being a true story, the characters were so diverse and dramatic that there was constant anticipation of - what next? The cultural differences, varied setting and detailed description of this part of the banking and legal world, created such a revelation to this unfortunate but magnificent story. I believe that this will become one of the world's bestsellers of our times. Go read for yourself!

Sybil Grant

* * * *

This book held me in a vice grip

I had bought this book intending to read it on my upcoming vacation -in Jamaica no less! But I made the mistake of taking a peek at it when it arrived in the mail. I started reading and kept on reading, stopping only to go to my mother's 75th birthday party that night. After the party, did I hurry down to the casino for my weekly poker games? No. I rushed right home and resumed until 1:30am when I could push no further. I woke up the next morning at 9:00am and finished the entire book. I forgot to take my blood pressure medication, didn't clean my house and missed my workout at the gym. I am an impatient reader, easily bored. But I read every word of this book and did not speed read as I sometimes do. This book held me in a vice grip.

As for Dalton Yap, I have such a profound respect for him, to have his integrity tarnished and how resilient and persistent he was to seek justice and clear his name. To take ten years out of anyone's life in this fashion, I don't think just anyone could bear and come out with such a positive attitude. I have heard it said, it is when things are good in one's life that's the easy part, but when things go very wrong it shows the true character of the person on how he handles the situation. Mr. Yap handled his situation.

As for Chris Dunkley the lawyer, should I ever need legal representation in Jamaica, he's the one.

Brenda G Chang

* * * *

A Wake Up Call

A Matter of Conduct resonates with any individual who has dealt with a large corporation. Bravo to Mr. yap and his co-writer Alex Lee for bringing this sordid tale to light. The accounting is straight forward and so easily followed, that one wonders what the bank could be thinking to have pushed the lawsuit for as long and as far as they did. They clearly expected the usual running out of steam by the defendant.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book as we went through the initial highs, subsequent lows and beyond. The effect of the ordeal on the family was related in very poignant terms and I am left with a feeling of heart break for the years that that poor family had to function without a father/husband/brother/son.

Through the telling of "A Matter of Conduct", the writers have very plainly shown us just how easily and totally screwed an individual can become when dealing with these large organizations. If Mr. Yap and his legal council had not possessed the great determination and fortitude needed to endure such a lengthy and arduous battle, his would have been just another ruined life, barely meriting a foot note in the social pages of the local newspapers.

This book is both entertaining and informative.

Andre Smith

* * * *

Principle and Persistence

There is much that can be said about this story of the injustice heaped on Mr. Yap. However, the most important lesson is the importance of Mr. Yap's principled stance about the wrongdoing of the "bully" bank. Of course, it helped that he had the resources to fight his cause--after all, how many among us can afford a lawyer of "silk" to stand with us ? Nevertheless he inspires us with his ethical courage and willingness to sacrifice everything, and the reader will be uplifted by this well-written story with its twists, turns, and honesty. Anyone who has been victimized and bullied can take a page out of Mr. Yap's book by understanding the power of right over wrong without excessive focus on the odds of winning the fight.

M. Toby

* * * *

Incredible Life Lesson

This story represents a classic albeit unfortunate circumstance when the basic principle of natural justice not afforded an employee, and in this case a brilliant and outstanding employee with a bright future. The story is rivetting and well written and should be a must read for everyone, especially young professionals. The fact that the story is true is scary.

This is a true example of a life lesson if there ever was one!

Keith Lane

* * * *

A Riviting Story . . .

This is a riviting story of a man's long fought legal battle against some of the most unconscionable opponents. The book is so well written it takes you on the emotional journey with Mr. Yap, you will laugh, and cry and you will feel anger like never before. It tells of the bonds of family and close friends and how painful injustice is to all who encounter it. A must read!


* * * *

" takes a legal story and makes it into a human story. . ."

I highly recommend this book for everyone. This book is a life lesson for all regardless of where you live or your race. It shows how people can cause so much hurt to others just to protect themselves. They never seem to consider the consequences of their action not only to the person but to their families and friends, affecting generations. This book also proves that what happens in the dark must come out in the light. I read this book in less than two days as I simply could not put it down. The writing is wonderful. It takes a legal story and makes it into a human story. It should be read not only for those who are interested in the law but anyone who has ever had a job in any type of organization (which is essentially everybody). This terrible event could have literally murdered Mr.Yap, but he has triumphed.

A universal story.


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